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We develop artistic projects, organize innovative artistic expression events and spread artists' portfolios working in network with institutions and associations.
ExpART stings you all with passion and creativity.

About Us

ExpART is a nonprofit association. Its mission is to plan outstanding art-related events and to look for artistic opportunities. ExpART welcomes cultural initiatives in order to promote the works of talented and innovative artists, to build up tailor-made artistic projects for governmental institutions, SME’s and the private business sector.


ExpART develops artistic projects on the European cultural scene. It organizes artistic events of a certain standard with focus on innovative art expressions. ExpART works in network with several institutions and associations to increase the visibility of artworks and to spread artists' portfolio and projects.

ExpART is a connector between artists, works and citizens boosting their access to art and culture. Projects and activities link the artists' and their works' characteristics with a context: projects, actually, start both from individual proposals and from collective ones.

Latest Activities

Taesting Europe: event in Ixelles/Bruxelles, September 27th, 2015, GC Elzenhof

Tæsting Europe is the first and unique event targeted to expats. It is going to take place next 27th of September showing artistic ongoing installations and scheduled performances.

The project has been developed by the Working Group “Europa” consisting of three no-profit cultural associations - ExpART, EuropaNova and Théâtre Naïf - in collaboration with the Municipality of Ixelles and with the support of the GC Elzenhof. Download the press release.

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